How do I prepare my equipment for sale?

Prepare your equipment at home as much as possible before the sale. Ten minutes work at home will save you 30 minutes at sale check in. Preparing your equipment at home will give you a chance to examine your equipment and to decide whether various items are worth selling or should they rather be considered “used up” and discarded.

Before bringing your gear to UAA Alaska Airlines Center (3550 Providence Drive) for check-in, register all gear and print tags online. Click here for detailed instructions for online registration. General gear prep and tag placement instructions below:

SKIS and SNOWBOARDS Dust them off! If the bottoms are badly gouged or the edges are “trashed out” they probably will not sell. Old straight sided alpine skis will not sell so please do not bring them to the ski swap. We sell hundreds of pairs of excellent used skis every year. Tape each pair securely together at the tips and tails with strong tape.

Print 2 tags (one for each ski). Place tags flat on the top of the skis below the tip. Do not tape over bar code.

BOOTS Are they really old or very used and worn out? Are buckles missing? Are the shells cracked? If they are XC boots are they too old to work with current bindings? If any of the above is true, please do not bring the boots to the swap. If the boots are fairly modern and in good shape, bring them! Tie your boots securely together with a strong string that is about two feet long.

Print 2 tags (one for each boot). Put tags on the back of the boot above the heel and tape the whole tag to the boot. Do not tape over the bar code.

POLES Tape ski poles together near the grips and baskets. No bamboo poles. Tape tag around the poles.

SKATES Tie skates securely together with a strong piece of string that is about two feet long.

Print 2 tags (one for each skate). Tape the tags behind the calf part of the skate.

CLOTHING Winter related clothing only please. Clothing should be in good condition looking new or almost new.

Make sure to print on card stock paper or reinforce your paper tags with a piece of carton. All tags should be attached to items with a string. Whenever possible tags should be placed on the inside clothing tag or on the main zipper. If using a pocket zipper, please use the left pocket (this will allow for better organization during the swap). If your item does not have a good spot for string, consider safety pins.

OTHER GEAR We trust your judgment on doing your best to securely place your tags on your items and to secure items together. Again, understand that we do not take responsibility for poorly tagged items.

If the ski swap organizer believes your equipment is no longer safe or not suitable for resale the organizer may ask you not to present the equipment for sale.