What can I sell?

Please bring to the swap only equipment and winter gear that is relatively modern and in good condition. Old beat up equipment does not sell or you will get next to nothing for it, and ultimately the person who buys beat up equipment will not be happy. Be realistic about your old gear…if it is very old or truly worn out perhaps it would be best to discard it. The swap needs good quality equipment to sell. We usually run out of good equipment before we run out of potential buyers. If you have good equipment to sell bring it to the swap! Good equipment that is carefully priced is usually sold quickly! There is a huge market for good used modern skis that are priced to sell.

RULE OF THUMB If equipment is more than ten years old it is probably obsolete and is probably not worth using again.

SKIS About 15 years ago alpine skiers started using exclusively “shaped skis” (except for some powder boards). Please do not bring old style straight sided alpine skis to the ski swap….they simply will not sell. We want shaped skis that are in good condition!

BINDINGS Binding technology has improved a lot during the past decade. Many binding models that are outdated have been outlawed by the binding manufacturers and binding testing agencies because they are not up to current safety standards. Ski shops will not re mount or adjust obsolete bindings. If the bindings look old they probably are old. No old bindings please.

BOOTS Like skis and bindings, boot technology has improved a lot in recent years. Please do not try to sell junky old boots…they simply will not sell no matter how cheaply you price them. Boots with cracked shells, missing buckles, or defective liners should not be presented for sale.

Sometimes shoppers will try on boots at the ski shops only to find the boots that fit their feet are at the ski swap! If your boots are in good shape and priced to sell there is a good chance they will find a happy new owner at the ski shop!

XC BOOTS Please do not bring XC boots that are not compatible with modern XC bindings.

CLOTHING If you have used ski clothing that appears to be nearly new there is a reasonable chance that it will sell. Please do not bring worn out clothing or clothing that is not snow sport related. The ski swap should be a quality winter gear sale, not a flea market.

TULE BOXES AND SKI RACKS We sell these sometimes if they are priced to sell.

GOGGLES Do not bother - unless brand new/unused.

SKATES & HOCKEY GEAR If it looks beat up they do not sell.

ROLLER SKIS We sell a few.

Winter Shoes / Boots

Snow Shoes

High-end Sleds No cheap plastic sleds

Ice Climbing Gear Good condition or like-new equipment

Packs & Equipment Bags

Electronics: Transceivers, Helmet/Sports Cams, Two-Way Radios, etc. Must be in good working and operable condition

Backcountry & Skijoring Gear 

*DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to refuse equipment and gear at time of check-in based upon quality and condition.