Thank you for joining our Winter Gear and Sports Swap

The success of our fundraising event is dependent on the winter gear that is available to purchase by the buyers that come to find good gear at good prices. Equipment that is priced appropriately sells quickly. The ski swap is a consignment sale, the event organizer will retain 30% of the sales price. All consignment proceeds will be used to support youth skiing in south central Alaska.


Create an account.

Visit our page at and either create a new account or sign-in to your existing account. This link will take you to the consignment website.

a) New sellers: please create an account first, then sign in with the account info you’ve just created and register for the 2023 AK Ski Swap.

b) Existing sellers: click the blue “Register” button and log in with your credentials. When you are logged in, you will be prompted to register for the 2023 AK Ski Swap consignment sale and choose how you heard about us. Once you hit “Register me” and accept the contract you will be taken to the Home page where you can add and manage items. Existing sellers will get their old seller ID back.

Once you have registered for this sale, you can simply log in each time you want to manage your items, check your inventory and settlement report, etc.


Register your items.

Once you have created an account you can immediately register your items for the sale. You can enter as many items as you want. Fill-out the required information and include a detailed description. Note that you can re-edit information regarding an item. You can also completely delete an item.

When registering each item, sellers can indicate whether to donate the item if it does not sell during the swap instead of picking up the item(s) on the following day. Sellers can also choose to sell items 50% off in the last hour of the sale by selecting “yes” to Discount.  Unsold items not picked up on Sunday following the sale between 9am-12:00pm will be donated to organizers.


Please register as a seller and add your items BEFORE the day of the sale (by 11:59 pm on October 20th) to ensure that you can see full item description and the status of your item’s sale in your account. We will accept gear the morning of the sale, but you won’t be able to see exactly what you sold, only the item number. 

* If you are considering donating item(s), please do so prior to the start of the swap. 100% of proceeds from donations benefit UAA Ski Team and Alyeska Ski Club. Tax deductible forms available.


Print your tags.

As you open an account, you will be issued a seller ID. This ID will be on each item tag so that your items can be tracked during the sale.


Securely attach tags to your items.

It is very important that you securely attach your tags to your items. When printing your tags we strongly recommend that you use card stock paper.You can use regular paper but you will need to reinforce your tags with cereal box style carton (except if tags are for skis). When reinforcing your regular paper tags with carton, do not use liquid glue. We recommend clear packaging tape.Place tags on your items using clear packaging tape and avoid taping over the barcode. Two-part items (boots, gloves) must be attached together with heavy twine string.

Please follow these instructions/recommendations on how to place the tags for the following items:

  • Ski Boots: Print 2 tags (one for each boot).  Put tags on the back of the boot above the heel and tape the whole tag to the boot. Do not tape over the bar code. Use string to secure both boots together.
  • Skis: Print 2 tags (one for each ski). Place tags flat on the top of the skis below the tip. Do not tape over bar code.
  • Poles: Tape poles together. Tape tag around the poles.
  • Clothing: Make sure to print on card stock paper or reinforce your paper tags with a piece of carton. All tags should be attached to items with a string. Whenever possible tags should be placed on the inside clothing tag or on the main zipper. If using a pocket zipper, please use the left pocket (this will allow for better organization during the swap). If your item does not have a good spot for string, consider safety pins.
  • Skates: Print 2 tags (one for each skate). Tape the tags behind the calf part of the skate.
  • Others: We trust your judgment on doing your best to securely place your tags on your items. Again, understand that we do not take responsibility for poorly tagged items.

Please note that if an item tag comes off during the sale, this item will not sell as there will be no way to track it. This also means your item will most likely end up in the donation pile! It is the seller’s responsibility to properly place and securely tag items for sale. 


Drop off your items.

Once all your tags are printed and securely placed on your items, you are ready to drop off your gear on Friday evening between 5pm – 9pm or Saturday morning between 8:30am-10:30am.

*Please note that if an item tag comes off during the sale, this item will not sell as there will be no way to track it. This also means your item will most likely end up in the donation pile! It is the seller’s responsibility to properly place and securely tag items for sale. 

Swap workers will place the equipment onto the sales floor for the sale. When the sale begins expect hundreds of shoppers to be on the sales floor shopping for bargains. The ski swap will see several thousand customers on sale day.

The ski swap is a CONSIGNMENT sale. The seller will put his/her equipment onto the sales floor at the risk of the seller. Thousands of items will be on the sale floor. THE EVENT ORGANIZER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.

It is the responsibility of the seller to mark and package items securely to reduce loss.


Pickup your unsold items and collect payment.

You can pick up your unsold items and check at the Alaska Airlines Center on Sunday, October 22nd from 9am – 12pm. Checks that are not picked up will be mailed to the address you provided at registration.